I'm Pete, and after many years of helping First Hosted grab the NetSuite Number 1 Solution Provider for EMEA 3 years in a row, I decided to go for it myself.

If you're looking for either an ERP, CRM, Finance System, eCommerce Solution...or all three - then why not give Enabling Solutions a call?
I love Cloud Computing! I'm a complete CloudConvert :)

If you told me back in 2009 that by the end of the next year I would be recommending something other than a Windows Server, Exchange, SQL setup...I'd tell you to take a running jump!
The value of Cloud Computing has knocked me for six! Having suffered many catastrophic hard disk failures in my time, and knowing the pain there is in administiring servers, it can only be a good thing that the managed Cloud Software As A Service (SaaS) options out there eliminates a couple more potential issues from the equation!

There's no doubt about it that, given the right analagy and information, you too will be converted!

Simply put, if you are running Microsoft Exchange Server on your network...How do you back it up? What happens when the hard disk fails? The backup is only accurate for a moment...there's always lost data.
Google Apps for Business. It's £33/user/year. No more server administration. No worries about the server packing up. No worries about power outages. No issues with licensing. No air conditioning worries. No "I forgot to lock the server door". Access it from any device with a web browser.

Why aren't you on it already?!


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